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Protein Synthesis in Human

Protein Protein Synthesis Transcription Translation DNA RNA Genetics Nursing Anatomy Nursing Physiology

Protein synthesis All the genetic information for manufacturing proteins is found in DNA. However, in order to manufacture these proteins, the genetic information encoded in the DNA has to be translated. 
In order for this to happen, first...
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Genetic And DNA

Genetic Genes DNA RNA Anatomy Physiology Nursing Anatomy

Genetics is one of the best subject and there are alot diseases related to genes. Genes correspond to regions within DNA, a molecule composed of a chain of four types of nucleotides – the sequence of these nucleotides is the genetic information...
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Virus Properties if Virus and Diseases caused by viruses

Virus Virology Virus properties Properties of virus HIV DNA virus RNA virus

Viruses may be defined as acellular organisms whose genomes consist of nucleic acid, and which obligately replicate inside host cells using host metabolic machinery.

Size:       20 ---- 14,000 nm in length


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Chemistry of Nucleic Acid

Structure of Nucleic acid Chemistry of Nucleic Acid Nucleosides Nucleotides Structure of DNA & RNA Functions of Nucleic Acid Biological importance of Nucleotides Nucleic Acid Biochemistry Chemistry DNA RNA Nursing Biochemistry


Composed of

Pentose sugar (Ribose; RNA, Deoxyribose; DNA).

Phosphate group

Nucleobase or Nitrogenous base

Structures of nucleosides

Types of Nucleotides (DNA)

Types ...
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